A Token Microschool: Currency for Your Existing Community

Thank you for listening to this series on tokenizing your microschool. We are going to answer the question you are all thinking about but are afraid to ask. What if I don’t want to or can’t focus on building a community right now?

It’s possible to use your existing community to help with tokenization. While it’s ideal to build a community from scratch, you can also use the community you already have. This will help reduce the time it takes to get started and get your tokens into circulation.

You may have immediate needs and are unable to focus on building a community for your micsoschool. However , you can still use the community you have to help with tokenization. In this episode, we will discuss how to do this. Listen below.

What should you ask yourself when thinking about tokenizing your community? 

Technology should never drive the conversation. Your needs should drive the conversation. Spend some quality time drilling down the needs of your community. 

In this episode of the Coaches Who Build Worlds Podcast, you will learn:

  • Why you may not be able to build the community you desire before you create an NFT or social token?
  • Steps you need to take when you need to raise capital for your microschool or course academy.
  • Things you should consider when you are ready to move forward with creating an NFT for your existing community.

With the rise of blockchain technology, a new era of event fundraising has begun. Known as non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, these offer a more secure and user-friendly experience than traditional fundraising. For one, NFTs are stored on a blockchain network, which means that they are encrypted and stored as immutable blocks. This makes it virtually impossible for fraudsters to duplicate or tamper with them. NFTs can be easily transferred and sold, making it easy for supporters to resell their NFTs if they can no longer attend a class or event. Because NFTs are stored on a decentralized network, there is no need for a third-party company. With ‌these benefits, it’s no wonder that NFT as a fundraising tool is quickly becoming the preferred choice for microschools and online academies.


Valerie was having a hard time deciding how to tokenize her upcoming event.

She wanted to make sure that everything ran as smoothly as possible, but she wasn’t sure how to go about it. Luckily, she knew just who to call for help: Contessa!

Contessa was more than happy to help Valerie out. She had a lot of experience with tokenizing events and was confident that she could help Valerie get everything set up perfectly. Valerie was relieved and grateful for Contessa’s help.

The day of the event finally arrived, and Valerie was excited to see how things went. Thankfully, everything went off without a hitch thanks to Contessa’s expertise! Valerie was very pleased with the results and thanked Contessa for making the entire process easy.  

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Are you up for the challenge? Dr. Kimberly challenged all of our listeners to think of 1 event or class that you can tokenize for your audience, then schedule a chat with Contessa. Do not hesitate. Schedule your chat below. 



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