Building a Community of Multi-Hyphenate Entrepreneurs

Are you a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur who is struggling to find a community that understands you?

Do you love working on a bunch of different projects at the same time? Are you constantly jumping from one thing to the next and never really getting the things done that get you paid? You are not alone. Many entrepreneurs feel this way, especially if they are also neurodivergent. 

The key is to find a community that can help you focus on what is most important to you and your business. They can help you create a plan that includes all of the things you love, without sacrificing everything that makes you …you.

How do you build capacity in multi-hyphenate entrepreneurs?

One way to build capacity when you seem to be all over the place is to focus on the common thread that connects everything all together. 

This is a podcast about being a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur. You cannot force them to have one niche or spend all their time on one idea – it’s about balancing the things that they love and finding that common thread that makes it all make sense.  

In this episode you will learn:

  • What does it mean to be a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur?
  • The things that neurodivergent content creators need to feel included in communities.
  • How to make your clients less confused when you switch from niche to niche.
  • Learn tips and tricks for balancing multiple passions


If you are a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur who is looking for a community that understands that you won’t niche down, then this community is for you.

Join the NeuroVerse Collective, a group for coaches, thought leaders, and content creators like you.

Here are some additional coaching tools & resources

Forget the outdated stigma of being a jack of all trades, because having many strings to your bow is essential to get ahead in the modern working world. We all have the skills necessary to work less and create more, and The Multi-Hyphen Method is the source of inspiration you need to help you navigate your way towards your own definition of success.

The Multi-Hyphen Method is a guide to help multi-hyphenate entrepreneurs achieve success. In order to thrive in today’s economy, it is essential to be versatile and have many different skillsets. This book provides readers with the tools they need to achieve their own definition of success.

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