How to Connect With Communities Authentically Without Fear

Being vulnerable can help us connect with our communities and audiences in a more authentic way. It can also help us form genuine relationships with others. When we are vulnerable, we are opening ourselves up to others and show them our authentic selves. This can help us connect with others on a deeper level, and it can also help us build trust. Fear works against us. It disconnects us from the communities we want to establish. Fear soothes us and draws our attention to things. It also diverts our attention away from reality and gives us a distinct set of facts to deal with. Fear makes sense for us and provides a reason for avoiding showing up as ourselves.

You need to actually build a relationship with yourself.

“The word vulnerability keeps coming up and as long as you are searching for that object of anxiety, that object of fear, it closes you off from community.”

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why do members use fear as an excuse for not connecting within a community?
  • How being inauthentic leads to mistrust in communities.
  • What does it really mean to be an authentic community leader or member?
  • What to do if you feel rejected or lose clients because you are vulnerable?


Do you desire to connect with coaching communities authentically, and form genuine relationships with others? Are you ready to be vulnerable and open up to others so that you can connect on a deeper level? Would you like to be fearless and not let fear impede establishing meaningful connections?

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Here are some additional coaching tools & resources

What to do when we let fear construct stories in our heads. Is it possible that XYZ is going to happen? Yes, several things can happen in any situation. Now, how probable are they likely to occur? Don’t treat possibly like probability.



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