Important Announcement for the NeuroVerse Collective

How To Donate To Pomelo Grant Projects

This is a detailed guide to show you how to donate to The NeuroVerse Pomelo Grant Project. Donations open on March 30. If you have any questions you can contact us in The NeuroVerse Collective Community or the EOS Support Team

MoonPay has a $30 minimum purchase for EOS. I understand that this may be a barrier in supporting. Another option is opening an account from Coinbase. The do not have a minimum purchasing requirement. Click here for information on opening an account.

Step 1 – Get an EOS Account with a Wombat wallet

We recommend using the Wombat Wallet. It is available for Desktop, iOS & Android. You can get it here. It will take about 30 seconds to set up your Wombat wallet. 

Use your social login from Google, Facebook, Twitter or Apple to create your Wombat account. 

Select your backup location so you don’t have to remember any recovery phrases or separate passwords. Wombat creates encrypted backups for your private keys using Google Drive or Dropbox.

Choose a 6-digit PIN to protect your private key.

Choose your EOS account name or an Ethereum address. Your name must be exactly 12 letters long and only lowercase letters and/or numbers 1–5.

Now you are ready to add some EOS.

Step 2 – Add EOS with your debit or credit card

Wombat partnered with MoonPay to offer you the convenience of using your credit/debit card to purchase cryptocurrency. Click here to begin the process. 

Be sure EOS is listed under currency.$30 is the minimum amount that you can spend using your credit or debit card. The price of EOS fluctuates. You will see the current price and the amount of EOS you will receive minus any fees.

Enter your EOS account name that you created when you set up your Wombat wallet. They will ask for a valid email address so they can send you a login code. 

Enter your credit or debit card information then agree to the terms. 

MoonPay will ask you to verify your identity once you made your payment

You can find out more about this process here.


It is normal for cryptocurrency purchases to take up to several hours to complete.

Now you are ready to get a Pomelo account once your transaction is completed. 


Step 3 – Open a Pomelo Account 

Go to and click on Sign in.

Select Google, GitHub or Apple to login. Don’t forget to add your username and name. 

Click on the Wallet Icon then click add Wombat as your wallet.

Click verify account to link your EOS account to Pomelo. 


Please stop here if it is before March 30. Pomelo is not accepting donations for projects until March 30th. You can join The NeuroVerse Collective to receive a reminder to go and donate. 


Now, go & donate to the NeuroVerse.


Step 4 – Donate EOS to the NeuroVerse Collective project. 

You can find the NeuroVerse Project by clicking here or by searching NeuroVerse in the search bar.

Click the “Add to Cart” button to add our project to your shopping cart. The button will be available on March 30th. 

Click the shopping cart to finish the transaction. Adjust the amount of EOS you would like to donate. The minimum is 1 EOS. Verify the amount once more, click Checkout then sign the transaction with your Wombat wallet. 

That’s it. You’ve donated to our NeuroVerse Project. Thank you so much for your support. 


 Remember, if you have any questions you can contact us in The NeuroVerse Collective Community or the EOS Support Team



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