The Power Of Mentoring In Coaching Communities

This is the first episode with our focus on helping confused creators build worlds. We are building our own world; a community that gives creators capacity and connection. Mentoring is an important part of community, learning and growing through each other. We help creators see they have creative resources to give themselves and our community.  We have a unique opportunity to redefine what mentoring means when you are in our ecosystem. We believe this is vital when building communities because many still attempt to carry outdated thoughts around who can be a mentor.


When we talk about things like mentoring which i, which provides a glue to the community and it’s about the community responsibility to you and to your responsibility to the community.

We also talked about:

  • What mentoring and communities have to do with world building.
  • The value of daydreaming for content creators and makers.
  • The problem with groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and how mentoring is the solution.
  • Why brilliant entrepreneurs still seem to feel stuck after paying for coaches. 
  •  Can true mentoring happen without trust?
Here are some additional tools & resources  Click below to listen to the sound bite from one of our previous episodes.  Do you wanna learn more about the crypto space with Contessa Cooper?  Dr. Kimberly Douglass has tools available for our neurodivergent creators.



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