What Do Entrepreneurs Need To Know About Moving From Web 2.0 To Web 3.0?

The internet is changing. Folks are talking about the metaverse, nfts, social tokens and blockchains. You know there are some decisions you will need to make about interacting with these technologies as an entrepreneur. You’re comfortable with using tools like Dropbox for your file-storage, Chrome for your internet browsing and WhatsApp for your messaging needs. Plus, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are becoming one-stop shops for content creators. Why would you make the move from web 2.0 to web 3.0?  

Content creators have a chance to be one of the first adopters working with web 3.0. 

“What would your business be like if you were one of the first adopters at Instagram, Twitter or Facebook?

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why content creators, entrepreneurs and small businesses should be paying attention to nfts. Crypto and decentralized communities.
  • Some of the risks involved in staying with platforms such as Facebook.
  • How do you actually transition from Web 2.0 to 3.0 without spending a lot of time, energy and resources?
  • Can you easily repurpose and reuse the content you already have on web 3.0 platforms?
  • How can entrepreneurs get help if dApps, web 3.0, and crypto seem so confusing? 

THIS JUST HAPPENED: I was banned from posting on Facebook for 24 hours

I was banned from Facebook for answering a research question about a fictional book. Apparently, my comment went against community guidelines because I was being violent.   I was debating if I wanted to engage in some of these new tools on Facebook or completely commit to one of the web 3.0 apps. I think I have my answer now.

Here are some additional coaching tools & resources

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Why Neurodivergent Content Creator Dont Ask For Help
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