Why Neurodivergent Content Creator Dont Ask For Help

Let me guess? You are like me. You are neurodivergent and have been building your business SOLO for quite some time. You know you need some help but every time you reach out it seems like the help you getting isn’t the help you need. You’ve felt like you didn’t belong in certain communities designed for content creators, entrepreneurs or business coaches? You may have been othered and not even know it. Othering is a system of exclusion and marginalization based on having identities that are different than what’s normal. Othering is an invisible mechanism that excludes people outside the dominant culture from access to opportunities for content creators. Othering can take subtle forms on social media platforms or in coaching spaces. It can look like:
  • Ignoring people’s ideas, work, or opinions
  • Not giving people the benefit of the doubt
  • Failing to share important information
  • Avoidance
  • Withholding resources
  • Excluding people from meetings or social events
This practice of othering is harmful when building a community and to the members. 

Why don’t many neurodivergent creators participate in groups?

 When you have been othered you have to retrain. you have to transform, you have to form new belief systems, you have a new framework before, you can even participate in some community spaces.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Why do you never participate in Facebook groups or complete challenges.
  • Why you really don’t know what it means to be in community as a neurodivergent content creator.
  • Which systems were created to feel unwanted in coaching communities and mentoring spaces?
  • Why you do not ask for help in your business and feel you need to do it all yourself. 

The way you feel today. The insecurities you feel today, makes sense. You’re supposed to feel this way. You’re supposed to be looking over your shoulder. You’re supposed to feel bad about yourself. You’re supposed to be confused about what it is, you need. And let me show you how they do it, how they do it is they grab me when you’re on your way back from the bathroom, to your office and slide something on your nose to sign real quick. So it’s always keeping you off balance. -Dr Kimberly Douglass

Here is the Facebook post where I talked about why it is difficult for me to ask for what I want.

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Here are some additional coaching tools & resources

  Backing it up and Moving it Forward S1E10 When you hire a business or personal development coach, make sure you understand where they are coming from. As a Neurodivergent Person, you may be familiar with people pointing out what they see as your deficits. Your coach needs to first understand how far you have come and not start with deficits. If that is their starting place, they want to be your savior. You don’t need a savior. You need a guide who can help you transmute your potent ingredients into an explosive mixture that can change the world.

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